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Sauna seat reservation:

Now it is possible to book a seat in a sauna room (big sauna or small sauna) for yourself and your company, payment is done to the sauna carer near the small sauna.

In addition to 1 hour sauna shift, you can use big public dressing rooms of Suolijärven maja before and after your sauna shift.

If there are seats available before or after your reserved shift, you can extend your sauna session. Similarly, you can also use the other sauna.

You can reserve several seats one by one with your account to the same shift (If you cancel, remember to cancel all the seats one by one).

If you have made a reservation and you can not come, remember to cancel, preferably 3 hours before. If you have booked many seats, try to make possible cancellations at least 1 day before!

If you are late for your sauna session, don't worry, it is not given to others.

Paths are cold, remember swimshoes, slippers or similar.

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