Nettiyhteytesi on hidas

News: Private shifts available e.g. for family or group of friends E.g. a family can now reserve a sauna and a small dressing room tent for 1h20min and on Friday and Saturday for 1h50 min, (10 min break between shifts). No shower, just lake (the big dressing rooms Suolijärven maja (with showers and toilets) are open) . Grill is available only for big sauna goers. Restriction: big sauna max 10 and small sauna max 7 people). Payment to the sauna carer: card, mobile pay, cash. Cancellation only via phone, do the reservation when you are almost sure you are able to come. Booking possibility ends 4 hours before the shift starts. If you want annoument to your email related to future private shifts days, log in to booking system, go via menu to my account -> settings and switch on offers and announcements.

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