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Sauna seat reservation Now it is possible and also highly recommended to book a seat in a sauna room (big sauna or small sauna) for yourself and your company, however payment is still done to the the sauna carer. Make the reservation latest 1 hour before.There are six  shifts of 1 hour and 15 min in a day, three shifts per sauna room. Also before and after the your shift it is possible to use the dressing rooms, so you can come e.g. 15 min before your sauna shift starts. You can reserve several seats one by one with your account to the same shift (If you cancel, remember to cancel all the seats one by one). You can still come to the sauna without reservation,  but it really is worth it now because the number of sauna seats is smaller  because of corona. Reservation situation is worth checking even though you would come without reservation to the sauna. If you have made a reservation and you can not come, remember to cancel. A bill is sent via email of the not cancelled seats. SAUNA IS NOW OPEN ALSO ON FRIDAYS!

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